PNOZ m C0 safety controller

PT.Felcro Indonesia | Industrial Automation Solutions

The PNOZmulti Mini C0 is indeed a new addition to Pilz’s safety controller lineup. It’s a standalone configurable safety controller designed to provide efficient and reliable safety monitoring for small to medium-sized machines and applications.

The C0 designation likely signifies its compact form factor or capabilities tailored for specific applications. As with other Pilz safety controllers, it’s expected to offer a range of safety functions and features such as monitoring safety sensors, emergency stops, and safety gates, while also facilitating integration into larger safety systems.

Being configurable, it likely allows users to adapt its functionality to suit their specific safety requirements without extensive programming knowledge, potentially through graphical programming interfaces or software tools provided by Pilz.

It’s part of Pilz’s commitment to providing comprehensive safety solutions for industrial automation, helping companies ensure compliance with safety standards and protecting personnel and equipment from harm. Safety solutions provider since 2011.

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