PNOZ X safety relays

The best stober gearbox in Indonesia

The statement “PNOZ X has already proved itself a million times over in the rugged everyday industrial environment” highlights the reliability and success of these safety relays in real-world applications. The PNOZ X series comes in different sizes, ranging from 22.5 to 90 mm. The number of contacts varies from two to eight, providing flexibility to meet different safety requirements. The technical features are based on voltage-free, electromechanical contacts with 2 relay technology. This indicates that the relay uses electromechanical components with two relay outputs.

The design principle involves using one PNOZ X relay per safety function, ensuring a dedicated and specific approach to each safety requirement. These safety relays are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications, covering diverse safety functions. The PNOZ X series is designed to be reliable and sturdy, making it suitable for challenging industrial environments where safety is a critical concern. The PNOZ X series safety relays, which are widely used for various safety applications in industrial settings. These safety relays are known for their reliability, sturdiness, and versatility.

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