PNOZ X safety relays from Pilz

PT.Felcro Indonesia | Industrial Automation

The PNOZ X electromechanical floating contact relays offer safety functions such as emergency stop, safety gate monitoring, light curtain monitoring, and more. They are designed to meet safety standards and regulations and are suitable for use in machinery and automation systems where safety is paramount. Safety solutions provider since 2011.

The term floating contact typically refers to a relay contact that is electrically isolated from the relay coil. In the context of safety relays, a floating contact allows for the switching of signals or power between different circuits without any direct electrical connection between them. This can be advantageous in certain safety applications where isolation or separation of circuits is required.

The PNOZ X electromechanical floating contact relays from Pilz are a part of the PNOZ X series of safety relays. These relays are designed to provide safety monitoring for various industrial applications. These safety relays ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations while providing reliable and efficient safety monitoring for machinery and automation systems.

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