PNOZ X safety relays

Mechanical safety locking device PSENmech - Pilz

The PNOZ X series appears to be a reliable and versatile choice for implementing safety functions in industrial settings, meeting the necessary safety standards and requirements. The relays are used in a wide range of applications, emphasizing their versatility. This indicates that these safety relays are suitable for demanding industrial conditions and can withstand the challenges of regular use. The PNOZ X series has proven itself in rugged everyday industrial environments. This variety in the number of contacts allows for different configurations to meet the specific needs of safety circuits. The relays have varying numbers of contacts, ranging from two to eight. This variety in sizes allows for flexibility in choosing the appropriate relay based on the specific requirements of the application or machinery.

The PNOZ X series comes in different sizes, ranging from 22.5 to 90 mm, Having 2 relay technology suggests a redundant system, enhancing reliability and safety. The use of electromechanical contacts indicates a traditional but reliable technology for safety applications. The technical features are based on voltage-free, electromechanical contacts with 2 relay technology. It’s mentioned to use one PNOZ X relay per safety function. This suggests that each relay is dedicated to monitoring a specific safety aspect or function. These qualities make them suitable for use in diverse safety applications across different industries. The PNOZ X series of safety relays, which are known for their reliability and robustness in a variety of safety applications. These safety relays are designed to ensure the safety of machinery and equipment by monitoring various safety functions.

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