PNOZcompact safety relays from PILZ

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These safety relays are typically used to monitor safety-related functions such as emergency stops, safety gates, light curtains, two-hand control, and more. They help to detect potentially hazardous situations and ensure that machinery or processes are brought to a safe state when necessary.

PNOZcompact safety relays from PILZ are compact, versatile safety relays designed to provide safety functions in various industrial applications. They are part of PILZ’s extensive range of safety products aimed at ensuring the safety of machinery and processes in accordance with international standards.

PNOZcompact relays often feature user-friendly configuration interfaces, making them easy to set up and program for specific safety requirements. PILZ is known for its high-quality safety products, and PNOZcompact relays are no exception. They are built to withstand harsh industrial environments and provide reliable safety monitoring.

These relays are designed and manufactured in compliance with relevant safety standards and regulations, ensuring that they meet the required safety performance levels. They support a wide range of safety functions, allowing for flexible integration into different types of machinery and systems. Safety solutions provider since 2011.

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