PNOZmulti 2 – Small Controllers

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In many industrial sectors, in order to ensure the optimal placement and alignment of workpieces, the detection of their positions or changes in positions in every process stage is an important requirement. The solution for these applications is represented by the control systems for protection and movement monitoring, capable of managing machines with several intermediate stations along a working path characterized by flexibility.

The trade division offers a wide range of products for the realization of the machinery and plant control functions, in compliance with the regulations and standards in force. These include programmable safety control systems – used in particular in the industrial & manufacturing sector – for the integrated control of protection and movement, certified in accordance with EN954-1 standard in performance level 3, EN 62061 in SIL CL 3, EN 13849-1 in PL e.

This not only improves collaboration in the project and saves time, it also cuts costs. We develop pre-wired modular control systems and provide scalable solutions to match the size of the overall plant. Our network technology enables you to monitor all aspects of your project at any time. Pilz safety control systems are economic to use, use open networking in line with progress, and last but not least allow for continuous project expansion.

The Pilz range of control systems comprises a complete portfolio of applications. Whether a small, compact control system for individual machines or an extensive, modular control system for large plants: the right system is available for every requirement and function range. All PSS PLC control systems have basic functions with integrated connection and communication facilities.

Pilz supplies seamless automation and safety solutions from a single source – from controllers via drive technology to sensors and actuators. Our innovative products not only reduce the overall complexity of your machine, but also reduce your costs in engineering and design. All benefits can be applied horizontally: from devices for the field environments of sensors and actuators onwards to the upper level.

At field level, a cost-optimized safety controller such as the PNOZmulti mini can be connected directly with the small but intelligent safety devices in an application. To start quickly, Pilz also offers integrated function blocks for control and safety functions in addition to complete solutions for safe drive monitoring. Moving upwards in the hierarchy, the safe output modules, sensors, and I/O modules also support the distributed wiring without additional terminal boxes.

Fail-safe control technology is defined as a technology that can guarantee the safety of both persons and machines even in the event of a fault. Most machines and installations contain control systems to ensure that automated processes run exactly as intended. In order to ensure safety at work, these control systems must be constructed to prevent hazards from occurring.

However, whereas a conventional relay has just a few contacts, a standard programmable logic controller (PLC) can have hundreds of inputs and outputs. The more complex a control system, the greater the need for efficient troubleshooting and maintenance measures. This is the only way to guarantee plant availability and ensure that occupational safety is not jeopardized. Supplementary control systems can be used to overcome the limitations of normal control systems.

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