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Light barriers, often used in conjunction with safety gates or as standalone safety devices, can also be monitored by the PNOZpower. These barriers emit beams of light, and when the beam is interrupted by an object or person, the relay detects the change and initiates the appropriate safety response, such as stopping the machinery or triggering an alarm.

Safety gates are another critical area where the PNOZpower excels. By integrating it into the safety circuit of a gate, the relay can ensure that the gate remains securely closed while the machine is in operation. If the gate is opened during operation, the relay will immediately interrupt the power supply, halting the machinery until the gate is securely closed again. We offer Pilz at

For E-STOP functions, the PNOZpower can be wired in such a way that pressing the E-STOP button immediately halts potentially hazardous machinery or processes. This ensures rapid intervention in case of emergencies, preventing accidents and minimizing risks to personnel and equipment.

The modular safety relay PNOZpower is a versatile solution for monitoring safety functions like E-STOP, safety gates, and light barriers. Its ability to handle currents of up to 16 A AC/DC makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications where safety is paramount. Safety solutions provider since 2011

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