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The PNOZsigma safety relays are indeed renowned for their ability to provide maximum safety while also being cost-effective. With features like emergency stop (E-STOP) functionality, they play a critical role in ensuring the safety of machinery and equipment in various industrial settings.

These relays are designed to quickly and reliably detect potentially hazardous situations and initiate appropriate safety measures, such as stopping machinery or activating protective barriers. This helps prevent accidents and protect both workers and equipment from harm. Overall, the PNOZsigma safety relays are trusted components in safety-critical applications, offering a combination of performance, reliability, and affordability.

This function allows operators to quickly stop machinery in emergency situations to prevent accidents or injuries. PNOZsigma relays can monitor safety gates to ensure that they are properly closed before machinery can operate, preventing access to hazardous areas while the machine is in operation.

Light curtains are used to detect the presence of objects or people in hazardous areas. PNOZsigma relays can monitor these curtains to ensure they are functioning correctly and provide a safety response if an object or person is detected in the protected zone. Safety solutions provider since 2011, We offer pilz safety relays PNOZsigma, Safety sensor PSENscan, PLC, Emergency stop, Two Hand Control, Speed monitoring and swicthes.

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