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Capacitive sensing technology relies on the ability of capacitors to store an electrical charge. By measuring changes in capacitance, capacitive sensors can detect the presence, position, and movement of objects. This technology operates based on the principle that changes in capacitance occur due to variations in the dielectric materials or the separation distance between the sensor and the target. Capacitive sensing finds applications in various industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, and manufacturing, providing an efficient and reliable method of detecting and monitoring objects without direct physical contact.

In the realm of automation and control, capacitive sensing technology plays a vital role in enabling efficient and precise operations. By utilizing capacitive sensors, automation systems can accurately measure levels, control processes, and ensure product quality in various industries. Capacitive sensing technology offers non-intrusive and contactless sensing capabilities, eliminating the need for mechanical components that can wear out or become unreliable over time. Moreover, their adaptability to different environments and ability to withstand harsh conditions make them indispensable in automation and control applications. Through this work, we aim to highlight the significance of capacitive sensing technology and its impact on automation and control systems.

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