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Pilz – Safe automation, automation technology - Pilz INT

Their automation solutions are designed to protect humans from potential hazards that may arise in the production process or the production environment. This typically involves the use of safety systems and technologies that can identify and mitigate risks, ensuring a safer working environment for employees. Pilz is a German company that specializes in automation technology, providing solutions to enhance safety in various industries, including mechanical engineering, intralogistics, railway technology, and robotics.

In the context of mechanical engineering, these solutions may include safety sensors, programmable safety controllers, and other devices that help prevent accidents and injuries. In intralogistics, Pilz’s automation solutions could be applied to optimize the safety of material handling and warehouse processes. In railway technology, safety systems might be implemented to safeguard both workers and passengers.

It’s worth noting that automation in these contexts not only enhances safety but also often contributes to increased efficiency and productivity. By automating certain processes, companies can achieve a balance between operational excellence and ensuring a secure workplace.

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