PSEN safety sensors from Pilz

Pilz – Safe Automation Technology

PSENcode safety sensors from Pilz are designed to ensure safe monitoring of movable guards. They use an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system to detect the position of the guard and ensure it is securely closed before machinery can operate.

These sensors are commonly used in industrial environments to comply with safety regulations and prevent accidents involving machinery. They provide reliable safety monitoring while also offering flexibility in installation and integration with other safety systems.

PSENcode safety sensors utilize RFID technology to monitor the position of movable guards. They ensure that guards are securely closed before machinery can operate, thereby preventing access to hazardous areas during machine operation.

PSENslock is a safety gate system that combines safety gate monitoring with a non-contact magnetic interlock. It ensures that guards cannot be opened while machinery is in operation, enhancing safety for personnel. PSENmech is a mechanical safety switch that provides a reliable solution for monitoring the position of guards and covers on machinery. It is suitable for use in harsh industrial environments and can withstand mechanical stress.

PSENmat is a safety mat system that detects the presence of personnel in hazardous areas. When someone steps on the mat, it sends a signal to stop the machinery, preventing accidents and injuries. Safety sensors PSEN from Pilz by PT. Felcro Indonesia

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