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PT. Felcro Indonesia

The safety gate system PSENsgate integrates several critical safety functions into a single system, making it a comprehensive solution for safeguarding machinery and ensuring operator safety. PSENsgate provides reliable monitoring of safety gates on machinery and equipment. It ensures that the gates are properly closed and secure before machinery can operate, preventing access to hazardous areas during operation.

In addition to monitoring, PSENsgate includes safe guard locking mechanisms. This feature ensures that once a safety gate is closed and locked, it remains securely locked until the machine’s operation is safely stopped and access is permitted again.

The system incorporates control elements that manage the safety gate operation and locking mechanisms. This includes control units that handle inputs from safety sensors, process them according to safety logic, and control the outputs such as actuators for locking or unlocking the gates. Emergency stop function

By combining these functions into a single system, PSENsgate simplifies installation and configuration. It reduces wiring complexity and ensures that all safety functions work together seamlessly, enhancing overall safety and reliability. PSENsgate is designed to meet international safety standards such as ISO 13849 and IEC 62061, ensuring that it provides the required level of safety performance for machinery applications.

It is commonly used in various industrial sectors where safety is paramount, such as manufacturing, automotive, packaging, and logistics. The system is adaptable to different types of machinery and can be integrated into both new installations and existing machinery retrofits. Safety solutions provider since 2011, We offer Pilz

PSENsgate is a versatile safety gate system that combines monitoring, guard locking, and control elements into a unified solution. It enhances safety by preventing unauthorized access to hazardous areas while ensuring machinery operates safely when access is permitted. The best pilz safety PLC in Indonesia

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