PSENmag – Non-contact, magnetic safety switch

PT. Felcro Indonesia | Industrial Automation

Ensuring safety gates and positions are monitored effectively is crucial in many industries, especially where safety is a top priority. Magnetic sensors offer reliability and accuracy in detecting gate positions, and their manipulation-proof design adds an extra layer of security. It’s essential to have robust safety measures in place, and it seems like your PSENmag sensors are well-equipped for the task.

The PSENmag magnetic safety switch you’ve described seems to offer a comprehensive solution for safety applications. With its electronic and electromechanical relay capabilities, it provides versatility in integration with various systems. The 2 normally open (N/O) contacts ensure reliable switching, and the 4-pin M8 male connector facilitates easy connection.

Its square design and IP67 rating indicate durability and suitability for use in harsh environments. The 3mm switching distance suggests precise detection capabilities, enhancing safety by ensuring gates are securely closed before machinery operates. Safety solutions provider since 2011.

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