PSENopt II – Light Curtains

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As a type 3 safety device, PSENopt II provides enhanced safety, making it suitable for applications where a higher level of risk is present, such as those involving heavy machinery or fast-moving robotic arms. PSENopt II light curtains can be configured to cover various areas and can adapt to the specific requirements of different robotic applications. They can be installed horizontally or vertically, depending on the workspace layout.

These light curtains have a fast response time, enabling quick detection of any intrusion into the protected area. This rapid response helps prevent accidents by triggering safety measures promptly. PSENopt II light curtains are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, ensuring reliable operation even in challenging conditions such as dust, vibrations, or temperature variations.

These light curtains can easily integrate with other safety systems and control devices, allowing for seamless implementation into existing robotic setups. The PSENopt II light curtain system is a suitable choice for robotics applications where safety is a priority, offering advanced features and reliable performance to help prevent accidents and protect both personnel and equipment. Safety sensors please contact us PT.Felcro Indonesia

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