PSENrope mini – Integrated E-stop pushbutton

Pilz – Safe automation, automation technology - Pilz INT

PILZ is known for its safety solutions, so products like the PSENrope Mini are likely to meet stringent safety standards and regulations, ensuring the protection of workers and equipment in industrial environments. Safety solutions provider since 2011.

The PSENrope Mini is a safety rope pull switch from PILZ, a company specializing in automation technology. This device is designed to provide a means of emergency stop (e-stop) functionality in machinery and equipment. It’s compact and integrated, meaning it can be easily installed and incorporated into existing safety systems.

The e-stop function is crucial in industrial settings where quick and decisive action is needed to halt machinery in emergencies to prevent accidents or injuries. The integration of this functionality into a compact package like the PSENrope Mini makes it suitable for various applications where space is limited or where a sleek design is desired without compromising on safety.

The term safety rope pull switch indicates that the device is activated by pulling a rope, which is often strung along or around a hazardous area. When the rope is pulled, it triggers the switch, immediately stopping the machinery.

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