PSENscan – Safety Laser Scanner

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PSENscan is a type of safety laser scanner commonly used in industrial settings to safeguard personnel and equipment. It works by emitting laser beams in a predefined pattern and detecting any objects or obstructions within its scanning range. When an object is detected, it triggers a safety response, such as stopping machinery or activating warning signals to prevent collisions or accidents.

PSENscan devices are often integrated into safety systems alongside other safety components like emergency stop buttons, safety mats, and safety light curtains. They play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations in industrial environments, protecting workers and preventing injuries.

The versatility of PSENscan lies in its ability to be configured for various applications and environments, offering flexibility in terms of scanning range, resolution, and response times. This makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial automation and robotic applications where safety is paramount. Safety laser scanner in Indoensia PT.Felcro Indonesia

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