PSENscan – Safety Laser Scanner

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This device is designed to ensure the safety of personnel and machinery in industrial environments by continuously scanning the area for potential hazards. PSENscan is an innovative safety laser scanner developed by Pilz, a leading provider of automation technology.

Equipped with advanced laser technology and sophisticated algorithms, PSENscan detects the presence of objects or people in its monitoring zone with high precision and speed. Its configurable parameters allow for flexible adaptation to different applications and safety requirements, providing versatile protection across various industrial sectors.

PSENscan’s reliable performance and comprehensive safety features make it a trusted solution for safeguarding automated systems, robot cells, and hazardous areas, contributing to a safer working environment for all. Safety solutions provider since 2011, We offer pilz safety relays myPNOZ, safety sensor PSENscan, emergency stop, PLC, light curtains, PSS 4000, speed monitoring, HMI, safety gate systems, switches and more.

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