PSENslock 2 – Electromagnetic – Safety locking device.

Distributor Pilz Indonesia

The PSENslock is a safety locking device manufactured by Pilz, typically used in industrial environments to ensure safe access to machinery and equipment. This feature ensures that the guard door remains securely locked until it is safe to open, preventing access to hazardous areas while machinery is in operation. PSENslock devices are designed to comply with safety standards (such as ISO 14119) and provide safety functions like guard locking, monitoring of guard door position, and integration with safety control systems

This indicates that the device uses a coding mechanism (such as RFID or uniquely coded actuators) to ensure only authorized personnel can access the guarded area, enhancing safety and security. These components are integral to the PSENslock system. The safety switch is typically mounted on the machine frame, while the actuator is attached to the guard door. They work together to detect the position of the guard door (open or closed) and to ensure the guard locking mechanism engages when required.

PSENslock devices are used in various industries where safety is critical, such as manufacturing, packaging, and automation. They help prevent access to dangerous machinery during operation, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. PSENslock with electromagnetic guard locking, safety switch, and actuator offers a robust solution for safeguarding machinery and ensuring safe access in industrial settings.

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