PSENslock 2 – Safety gate systems

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PSENslock 2 safety gate systems from PILZ are designed to ensure safety in industrial environments by safeguarding access to hazardous areas. These safety gate systems use a combination of safety switches, solenoid interlocks, and control elements to provide reliable protection.

These switches are used to detect the position of the safety gate (open or closed). They ensure that the gate is properly closed before machinery can operate. Solenoid interlocks are electromechanical devices that prevent the safety gate from being opened when machinery is in operation. They use a solenoid mechanism to lock the gate until it’s safe to open. Safety solutions provider since 2011

These are typically buttons or controls used to authorize the opening of the safety gate under controlled circumstances, such as during maintenance or setup procedures. PSENslock 2 likely incorporates advanced safety monitoring features to ensure that the safety gate system operates reliably and meets safety standards.

These systems can often be integrated with other safety components and automation systems, allowing for seamless operation within the industrial environment. PSENslock 2 safety gate systems are designed to provide a high level of safety and reliability, helping industries comply with safety regulations and protect workers from hazardous machinery.

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