PSENslock 2 Safety locking devices Electromagnetic

PT. Felcro Indonesia | Industrial Automation

The PSENslock utilizes an electromagnetic guard locking mechanism. This ensures that access to the hazardous area is securely locked when the machine is in operation, preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding personnel from potential hazards.

It features a fully coded design, which means it uses a unique, non-reproducible code pattern between the safety switch and actuator. This coding ensures high-level safety by preventing tampering or bypassing of the locking mechanism.

The safety switch is part of the PSENslock system and is typically mounted on the machine frame or door. It detects the position of the guard (open or closed) and communicates this status to the control system. The actuator is installed on the moving part of the machine, such as the door or access panel. It interacts with the safety switch to indicate whether the guard is securely closed and locked.

The primary function of the PSENslock is to maintain the guard locked during machine operation, preventing access to hazardous areas until it is safe to do so. It ensures compliance with safety regulations and standards by providing a reliable safety interlock mechanism.

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