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PSENslock systems often employ a combination of sensors, such as RFID or magnetic switches, to detect when the gate is closed and locked securely. They are designed to meet international safety standards and regulations, providing reliable protection against accidents and injuries in the workplace. Safety solutions provider since 2011, We offer pilz safety relays relays PNOZsigma, safety sensor PSENslock, emergency stop, PLC, speed monitoring, HMI, two hand control, swictehs and more.

PSENslock safety gate systems are a type of safety solution used in industrial environments to protect workers from hazardous machinery. These systems typically consist of a safety gate, which prevents access to a machine’s danger zone while it’s in operation, and a safety locking mechanism that ensures the gate remains closed and locked until it’s safe to open.

One of the key features of PSENslock systems is their ability to integrate with various types of machinery and control systems, allowing for seamless integration into existing production environments. Additionally, they often come with diagnostic capabilities, allowing for easy monitoring of the system’s status and performance.

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