PSS 4000 – Automation system

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The PSS 4000 is an automation system developed by Pilz, a leading global automation technology company. It’s designed to offer comprehensive solutions for safety and automation in various industrial applications. The system is known for its flexibility, scalability, and reliability in ensuring safety and efficiency in industrial processes. Safety solutions since 2011.

The system provides a wide range of safety functions, including emergency stop, safety gate monitoring, safe speed monitoring, and safe position monitoring, among others. These functions help ensure the safety of personnel and equipment within industrial environments.

With its programmable safety logic, the PSS 4000 allows users to implement customized safety strategies tailored to their specific application requirements. This flexibility enables the integration of complex safety functions and the adaptation to changing production needs.

The system is based on a modular architecture, allowing for easy expansion and integration with existing automation infrastructure. This modular design simplifies system configuration, commissioning, and maintenance, reducing downtime and overall costs.

The PSS 4000 supports various communication protocols, including PROFINET, PROFIsafe, Ethernet/IP, and Modbus TCP/IP, enabling seamless integration with other automation devices and systems. This communication capability facilitates real-time monitoring, diagnostics, and control of industrial processes.

The system provides comprehensive safety visualization tools, allowing operators to monitor safety-related information, diagnostics, and system status in real-time. This enhances situational awareness and facilitates timely responses to safety events or abnormalities.

The PSS 4000 offers advanced diagnostic features, such as online diagnostics and predictive maintenance capabilities, enabling proactive identification and resolution of potential issues before they escalate into critical failures. We provide Pilz safety relays Pnoz, safet sensor psen and connection technology.

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