PSS 4000 – Automation System

Pilz is a global supplier of products, systems and services for automation technology. As a pioneer of safe automation, Pilz creates safety for human,

The system enables the implementation of safety functions such as emergency stop, guard monitoring, and safety interlocking to ensure the safety of personnel and machinery in industrial settings. The PSS 4000 integrates a PLC for automation tasks, allowing users to control and monitor industrial processes. It follows a modular architecture, making it scalable and adaptable to different application requirements. Users can easily expand the system by adding modules as needed.

The system is designed to meet safety integrity level requirements according to international standards such as IEC 61508 and IEC 62061, ensuring the reliability of safety functions. Pilz provides software tools for programming, configuration, and diagnostics of the PSS 4000 system, making it easier for users to design and maintain their safety and automation applications.

The PSS 4000 automation system offers a comprehensive solution for integrating safety and automation functions in industrial environments, helping to enhance productivity while ensuring the safety of personnel and machinery. PSS 4000 automation systems in Indonesia please contact PT.Felcro Indonesia.

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