PSS 4000 – Hardware and Software

PT. Felcro Indonesia

The PSS 4000 automation system offers a range of hardware performance classes, providing flexibility and scalability to meet diverse automation requirements. These components can be seamlessly integrated into existing architectures, allowing for efficient expansion or enhancement of automation systems without requiring a complete overhaul. Whether it’s safety PLCs, I/O modules, communication interfaces, or other peripheral devices, the modular nature of the PSS 4000 system facilitates integration with existing equipment and architectures, thereby optimizing the overall automation solution. This flexibility is crucial for industries where upgrading or adapting existing systems is a common necessity to accommodate evolving needs and technologies. Safety solutions provider since 2011

PAS4000 is indeed a software platform developed by Pilz for programming and configuring their safety PLCs, particularly the PSSuniversal PLC and PSSuniversal multi. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools for designing, programming, and commissioning safety-related control systems. With PAS4000, users can create complex safety logic, configure communication interfaces, and monitor the status of safety devices within their machinery or automation systems. This platform is commonly used in industrial settings where safety is of utmost importance, ensuring compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

The PSS 4000 automation system facilitates safe motion monitoring by leveraging a combination of its components. This system integrates safety PLCs, motion controllers, drive technology, and various sensors to monitor and ensure the safe operation of machinery and equipment. By combining these components, the PSS 4000 system can implement advanced safety functions such as safe speed monitoring, safe direction monitoring, safe position monitoring, and more.

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