PSS 4000 – Integrated safety PLC

Pilz – Safe Automation Technology

PSS 4000 is a software solution primarily used for programming and configuring automation systems. This is a graphical programming tool provided by Pilz for configuring safety functions and programming automation tasks. It allows users to create logic diagrams and define safety functions easily.

This software assists in configuring and parameterizing Pilz control systems, such as the PSSuniversal PLC. It simplifies the setup process and helps users configure I/O modules and communication interfaces. If you’re working with Pilz’s safety relays like PNOZmulti, this software is essential. It allows users to configure safety functions, monitor inputs/outputs, and generate documentation for the safety application.

PASvisu is a visualization software that integrates seamlessly with PSS 4000. It allows users to create intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for monitoring and controlling automation systems. This suite encompasses various software tools tailored for different aspects of automation engineering, including programming, configuration, visualization, and diagnostics. It provides a comprehensive solution for developing and maintaining automation projects.

These software solutions typically come with user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive documentation to facilitate programming and configuration tasks within the PSS 4000 ecosystem. Safety solutions provider since 2011, We offer pilz safety relays myPNOZ, safety sensor PSENcode, PSS 4000, emergency stop, PSSuniversal, swicthes and more.

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