PSS 4000

PT.Felcro indonesia | Distributor Pilz Indonesia

Two worlds converge in PAS4000. So you’ll find functions for safety and automation on one and the same interface. Blocks for automation and safety make it easier for you to create automation programs. The PAS4000 software platform comprises editors for PLC programming and configuration as well as software blocks for the PSSuniversal PLC and PSSuniversal multi control systems.

The PAS4000 software platform completes the PSS 4000 automation system – and it’s completely simple! You can program or configure all controllers in this control centre – including from distributed control systems. So you always have an optimum overview of your entire automation project!.

Your project is divided into individual device projects. You can save these device projects together with the naming data on SD cards or in a directory. To complete the indirect download, transfer the device projects manually to the devices by inserting the SD card into a device and performing the deliberate operator action, for example.

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