PSSuniversal 2 – The next generation

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The communication modules likely enable connectivity to various industrial communication protocols, allowing seamless integration into existing control architectures. This adaptability ensures compatibility with different systems and setups, making the PSSuniversal 2 a versatile choice for expanding your periphery.

On the other hand, the I/O modules appear to offer flexibility and granularity in adapting to your specific system requirements. This customization capability likely allows for precise configuration tailored to the needs of your application, enhancing efficiency and functionality.

PSSuniversal 2 offers a versatile solution for expanding your periphery in industrial settings. Its compatibility with various industrial communication protocols makes it adaptable to different control architectures, which can be a huge advantage for integrating it seamlessly into existing systems. This flexibility likely streamlines the process of incorporating new technology into established setups, potentially saving time and resources.

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