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Capacitive sensing technology plays a vital role in automation and control applications, providing a reliable and accurate means of detecting and measuring various objects and substances. This technology utilizes the principle of capacitance, where changes in capacitance are used to sense and determine the presence, position, or level of an object or material. Rechner Sensors, a renowned specialist in this field, offers a wide range of capacitive sensors and controllers for use in automation, level control, and quality control applications. With their expertise and advanced solutions, Rechner Sensors has established itself as a reliable partner for industries seeking efficient and precise sensing technology.

Rechner Sensors is a leading provider of capacitive sensing technology, offering a comprehensive product line consisting of over 3,000 different options. Their sensors are specifically designed for automation, level control, and quality control applications, catering to a wide range of industries. Rechner Sensors’ extensive range includes capacitive proximity sensors, inductive proximity sensors, magneto-resistive sensors, power supply logic controllers, flow sensors, and HazLoc barriers. These sensors come in various sizes and mounting options, ensuring compatibility with diverse equipment and environments. With their commitment to innovation and quality, Rechner Sensors continues to deliver reliable and efficient solutions to their customers worldwide.

Capacitive sensing technology utilizes the electrical properties of objects to detect and measure their presence, position, or properties. It relies on the principle of capacitance, which is the ability of a system to store electric charge. In capacitive sensing, the change in capacitance is measured when an object or material interacts with a capacitive sensor’s electric field. This change in capacitance is then converted into an electrical signal, allowing for the detection and analysis of the object’s characteristics. Capacitive sensing offers advantages such as non-contact detection, high sensitivity, and the ability to sense through non-metallic materials. It is widely used in automation and control applications where accurate and reliable sensing is crucial. Rechner Sensors specializes in this technology, providing robust and precise capacitive sensors and controllers for various industrial applications.

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