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Rechner Sensors will design and manufacture capacitive sensors to suit your precise requirements, even for small quantities. We offer the most innovative sensor technology and unsurpassed quality. Whether level control or position detection, with more than 1500 models and over 50 years of experience, and a host of different dimensions and process connections, we have the right sensor for you. Capacitive sensors from Rechner will ensure more efficiency for your process and factory automation. Contact us today and let our experts advise you.

Capacitive sensors (KAS) react to metals and non-metals that exceed a specific capacitance on approaching the active surface. The sensing distance with respect to a specific material is greater the higher the dielectric constant. The sensors are used to detect objects, for counting functions and for all types of level monitoring applications in liquid materials (i.e. water, oil, acids, glue) and bulk materials (i.e. powder, granulate, pellets).

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