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Rechner Sensors specializes in capacitive sensing technology for automation, level control, and quality control applications. This work aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of capacitive sensing technology and its relevance in different industries. The following sections will explore the overview of capacitive sensing technology, highlight the importance of automation, level control, and quality control in various applications, discuss the advantages of capacitive sensing technology, delve into the working principle of capacitive sensors, discuss the types of capacitive sensors, and provide guidance on the selection and installation of capacitive sensors. Capacitive sensing technology is a method used for detecting and measuring changes in capacitance. It relies on the principle that the capacitance of a capacitor varies with the distance between the conductive objects. This section will provide a detailed overview of capacitive sensing technology, including its underlying principles, components involved, and its application in various industries such as automation, level control, and quality control.

Automation, level control, and quality control play vital roles in the smooth operation and efficiency of various processes across industries. This section will emphasize the significance of these aspects and their impact on productivity, accuracy, and overall performance. It will discuss how capacitive sensing technology can enhance automation by enabling precise and reliable detection and measurement of objects, how it can ensure accurate level control in tanks and containers to optimize processes and prevent overflow or depletion, and how it contributes to quality control by enabling the measurement of parameters such as thickness, density, or composition with high sensitivity and accuracy.

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