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Rechner is a distinctive German sensor company that has been in the sensor business for over the last 25 years. Since its inception, Rechner has become a leader in level control, a position it has maintained. However, over the last 5-10 years, Rechner has expanded its expertise into areas such as pressure sensing, flow sensing, and dry-run protection, in response to numerous requests from the market to apply its level control know-how to other areas. Rechner sensors are devised to work in all types of industries, no matter the conditions. These sensors can be found in anything from a cement silo to a pharmaceutical mixing tank, a mine dredging mineral slurry to a brewer’s grain fermenting vat. What all these sensors have in common is that Rechner sensors will last far longer than any other sensor in the same application and will be more reliable. This is because of their robust, yet simple, coated RB series sensor and intelligent CP series sensor families.

It is projected to enhance the processor taking into consideration the real-time control systems in the industry. The engineering behind the sensor construction is the initial phase of a project to offer dynamic data acquisition for time-varying control system implementation. The aim is to accurately monitor a process in variable real-time conditions and provide feedback control ensuring the process is successful. A successful project will present the theory and analysis of control method on a given process and construct a comprehensive sensor solution for data acquisition to implement the control method. An extension to this type of system will investigate multivariable control methods in which the system must remain stable while altering more than one process variable. This type of control method has rarely been implemented because of the complexity and lack of system monitoring. Ads by Rechner sensors can take the first step in offering a complete sensor solution.

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