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The range of safety relays PNOZ S5 and PNOZ S9 provides major advantages over conventional relay technology for the implementation of all safety-related control tasks. PNOZ S5 and S9 are basic safety devices that provide a wide range of features, conferring the responsibility of control system design. Generally, relay-based control systems are widely used in industries. The implementation of PNOZ safety relays can easily be achieved. All that is required is to replace the corresponding contact of the PLC output relay with the PNOZ relay output and introduce the safety relay into the control circuit. We offer pilz safety relays myPNOZ, safety sensor PSENmag, safety gate systesm, PLC, light curtains, PSSu, swicthes and more

Relay substitution is only possible with a PLC-specific safety relay that has a similar number of NO/NC contacts. Let us consider an example of an e-stop pushbutton function. This operation may vary slightly with different types of relays. Normally, with a standard relay, safety and reliability of operation can be achieved by using a 3 NO and 3 NC contact type relay. However, it has other issues attached to it.

Typically, in the industry, because electrical design evolves during panel construction, component substitution can occur. For example, changing the control system from a relay to a PLC or installing an upgraded system. Required coil voltages and contact ratings may differ. Stock inventory may have the wrong contact type available, such as NC instead of NO. These issues may cause field wiring errors and relay failure to perform the intended safety control. Safety solution provider since 2011

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