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The main requirement when retrofitting the points controllers for the urban railway and trams in several of Poland’s major cities was safety and reliability. That’s because the control systems in use were obsolete and sensitive to temperature variations. In many places, points could only be passed at 10 km/h, which prevented attractive, clock-face scheduling. The Polish company ZUE S.A. is an expert in the field of modernising rail infrastructure and took charge of modernisation. This included: The railway-proven automation system PSS 4000. As the heart of the solution, it ensures safe and reliable points control – and, thanks to its modular structure and simple commissioning, it enabled the retrofit to be carried out while rail operations continued.

ZUE has been using the automation system PSS 4000 to retrofit points controllers since 2017: The points on the urban railway and trams can now be controlled safely in all weathers because, with its temperature-resistant modules and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), PSS 4000 can withstand mechanical stresses such as condensation and increased vibration, even in unheated control cabinets. However, should an error or fault arise, this can easily be identified and located by the dispatchers thanks to the web-based visualisation software PASvisu. With PASvisu, they constantly have an overview of all system components as well as extensive remote maintenance options. After the retrofit, the points in the Polish rail operator’s network comply with safety integrity level SIL 3. Passengers benefit because travel times have been reduced by 50 per cent on the modernised lines.

ZUE S.A., part of the ZUE Group, was founded in 2002 and is one of the leading companies in the field of public transport infrastructure construction in Poland. The company develops concepts and solutions in trams and railways. ZUE S.A. offers a wide range of services in the construction and modernisation of rail networks and overhead line systems. Today, the company has its headquarters in Kraków and employs more than 900 staff.

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