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Incremental encoders generate pulses that are a function of the rotational displacement. They sense mechanical rotation history (their shafts may be in the wrong rotational position), they are less costly to trade off mechanical / electronic simplicity with data quality varying with scaled index time frames; and they need not be re-homed if quadrature is lost by internal or external conditions.

Peripheral devices include mechanical variations of position potentiometers used for determinations of pointer position on an instrument face, gas pedal and hand brake automation on early Mercedes Benz automobiles, and some knob-less household appliances. Safety solution provider since 2011, We offer pilz safety relays myPNOZ, safety sensors PSENcode, emergency stop, PLC, two hand control, HMI, speed monitoring, swicthes and more

Potentiometers are used to adjust out the charging dis-balance voltage that long charge cycles can cause in paralleled capacitor connected multi-channel data conversion structures and to adjust for receiver inter-channel sensitivity in high-precision measuring conference table disk platters. In contrast to a rotary encoder, a potentiometer actively resists rotational displacement, and it only passively gives indication of motion.

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