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PNOZsigma safety relay - Pilz

The Austrian parquet manufacturer Scheucher plans sustainably, and not just when it comes to maintaining its plant. It’s the reason why the company completely retrofitted one of its existing milling machines – the aim being a universally sustainable safety solution. Scheucher was convinced by Pilz’s holistic approach: a comprehensive service from safety-related plant assessment to risk analysis, through to system implementation and verification. 

Originally only the milling machine’s conveyor belt was to be exchanged “with minimum disruption”. However, the controller too no longer conformed to current standards, so Scheucher opted for a comprehensive overhaul in the spirit of sustainability: retrofit instead of buying new! The universal solution approach also had to consider the individual challenges of the woodworking industry: the increased fire risk due to increased sparks; the machine must be safe and accessible at all times. With the pushbutton unit PITgatebox and the safety gate system PSENmlock, the danger zone on the milling machine is now closed off, but the interlock has been installed in the opposite direction – the machine remains accessible. This industry-specific solution is supplemented by additional light curtains PSENopt II. The retrofit saves around 80 per cent of energy on top: where 10 motors used to idle alongside, now only those that are actively needed are running.

Parquet floors from oak, cherry or walnut, among them some quite special product creations, are the trademark of Scheucher Parkett. With 250 employees and a 100 year tradition, the Austrian family business from southern Styria has been producing exclusive parquet floors for the worldwide market for several decades, including for hotel suites, lofts, restaurants, bars, as well as business and conference architectures. As a manufacturer of natural, long-lasting products, the top priority for Scheucher is environmental protection and resource conservation.

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