Safe motion monitoring

Safe motion monitoring can be implemented through speed monitoring and is used to protect operating and maintenance employees. As a result, potentially hazardous movements are safely detected and appropriate countermeasures can be initiated in time.

In accordance with the Machinery Directive, when the drive is brought to a standstill, the operating status must be safely monitored and maintained. The motion monitoring safety functions – whether external or drive-integrated – must also be guaranteed. The term “safe” is understood in terms of functional safety from the relevant machinery safety standards EN 61508 and EN ISO 13849-1.

  • Increased productivity thanks to safe speed range on transfer processes for dovetailed interlocking processes; for example buffer zones on conveyors and to avoid damage from excessive process speed.
  • Hygienic filling thanks to safe direction on filling and production processes which may only move forwards; for example filling processes in the food industry, where a reverse motion could result in contamination.
  • Increased safety thanks to safe operating stop; for example by preventing suspended loads from sagging or falling and by travelling with the safety gate open in operating mode II on machine tools, as well as avoiding material “pushing forward” once the machine has come to a standstill.
  • Safe setup thanks to standstill monitoring when safety gate is released and on processes on smaller machines, such as applying labels, heat, logo stamping, filling up materials.
  • Combination of safe speed and safe standstill monitoring; for example in woodworking machining centres. Various speeds are needed, as there are a number of different tools and materials to be machined.

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