Safety for combustion plants

Brake control | PNOZsigma - safety relays

Modern burner controls for commercial and industrial firing systems monitor and control all functions from pre-ventilation to operation of the main burner. Due to the high risk potential, strict safety regulations apply to avoid unburned fuel in the combustion chamber. Pilz offers fail-safe burner management systems especially for these requirements. Security – where it burns! Armin Glaser, Vice President Strategy and Cooperation at Pilz, explains in our new podcast how safety can be implemented in combustion systems

In addition, they explain in a practical way how to deal with changed framework conditions in the area of ​​standards and guidelines or report on the implementation of industry-specific requirements for automation.

The Pilz podcast series provides information on current topics relating to safety, industrial security and automation.

Based on their practical experience and using application examples, our experts talk about how automation projects can be implemented economically.

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