Safety gate systems

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Safety gate systems such as PSENmech with guard locking, PSENslock, PSENmlock and PSENsgate are used for guard protection. They monitor doors in safety fences as well as covers and flaps. Our safety gate systems provide you with a cost-optimised, effective solution, which meets the requirements of EN ISO 14119.

When a safety gate is opened, hazardous machine movements must be stopped in accordance with EN ISO 14119 and a restart must be prevented. It must not be possible to either defeat or manipulate the guards.

Safety gate systems from Pilz are particularly effective in meeting these requirements and incorporate additional functionalities – for greater economy.

As of now, PSENmech is available not just as a safety switch for pure safety gate monitoring but also as a safety gate system with guard locking. As a result it is guaranteed that the safety gate is locked until the hazardous production process has ended and a restart is prevented. The mechanical safety gate system PSENmech with guard locking is therefore suitable for personal and process protection, for flaps and also accessible gates. It can be combined with safe control technology such as the safety relay PNOZsigma or the configurable safe small controller PNOZmulti 2.

PSENmech with guard locking is the safety gate solution of choice if you are looking for a particularly economical basic solution to guarantee safety on safety gates. It covers the key basic requirements. Further below you’ll also find information about our safety gate solutions for advanced applications.

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