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PNOZsigma safety relay - Pilz

The PNOZsigma relays are compact safety relays in widths 22.5mm and 45mm. They are used for monitoring E-STOP, safety gates, light barriers, two-hand controls or ESPEs with safe PNP transistor outputs and contact EDM. The relays are jumper link programmable for either PNP or NPN signals.

They must be connected to a remote RESET device such as a pushbutton station to initiate the reset enabling function. The remote reset can reset the contacts if the pushbutton is held closed for more than 0.5s and can reset both the contacts and the internal relays if the pushbutton is held closed for more than 3s.

There is a separate reset function relay option that provides contacts to monitor the reset signal so that it can be wired into the reset circuit of a controlled apparatus. A relay with timed contacts is also available so that the contacts can be delayed or timed for a specific application. All PNOZsigma relays can be used in ungrounded (IT) networks which makes the relays highly versatile for worldwide use in any safety related control system.

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