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PSENmlock operates based on the principle of magnetic coding. It consists of a magnetically coded actuator and a sensor. The actuator is typically mounted on the movable part of the safety gate or door, while the sensor is mounted on the fixed part. We offer pilz safety relays mypnoz, safety sensor psenmlock, emergency stop, two hand control, speed monitoring, swicthes and more

When the gate or door is closed, the sensor detects the presence of the actuator’s magnetic field and verifies that it’s properly aligned and secure. If everything is in order, it sends a signal to the control system, allowing the machinery to operate safely. Safety solutions provider since 2011.

The PSENmlock safety sensor is a product manufactured by Pilz, a company specializing in automation technology. PSENmlock is designed for monitoring safety gates and doors, ensuring that they are securely closed before machinery or equipment can operate. It’s commonly used in industrial settings to prevent accidents by ensuring that access to hazardous areas is restricted until it’s safe to enter.

This type of safety sensor provides reliable and tamper-resistant protection, as the magnetic coding makes it difficult to bypass or defeat without authorized access. Additionally, PSENmlock sensors are often integrated into larger safety systems, allowing for seamless communication with other safety devices and control components.

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