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The usage of the light curtain and light grids is discussed in this reference document. Pilz sensors and control systems are used in a wide range of applications in automated environments. Compaq’s own press system uses a PSS control system and Pilz safety relay to monitor and control safety functions while providing a safe and efficient environment. United Air Specialists uses a wide variety of Pilz safety relays to control everything from large cross draft booth cells to small downdraft tables. With the widespread use of these systems, it is easy to see the critically important role that Pilz plays in providing effective safety systems in a wide array of applications. safety sensor PSENrd 1.1

The light curtain application discussed in this reference document uses a PSS control system with a Pilz safety relay, effectively demonstrating how to maximize the potential of safety system monitoring and control functions. Step one of this simple procedure involves applying power to the light screen. At this point, the light curtains will detect each other and go into a locked mode. In the event of a breach of the curtain field, the light curtains will unlock and the safety relay will bypass the control signal or remove power from the hazardous machine. Power to the machine is allowed only once the light curtain has been reset. This is monitored through a manual reset signal from the hazardous machine to the safety relay. Safety sensors PSENopt

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