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Mechanical safeguarding plays a crucial role in ensuring worker safety and preventing accidents in manufacturing industries around the world. It involves the use of physical barriers, devices, and mechanisms to protect workers from hazardous machinery and equipment.

These are physical barriers or enclosures installed around machines and equipment to prevent access to hazardous moving parts. Machine guards can be fixed, interlocked, or adjustable based on the specific requirements of the machinery.

These devices use sensors, such as light curtains or laser scanners, to detect the presence of a worker within a hazardous area. If a worker enters the danger zone, the machine automatically stops or goes into a safe mode to prevent accidents.

Interlocks are mechanisms that ensure a machine cannot be operated unless certain conditions are met. For example, a safety interlock may prevent a machine from starting if a guard is open or if a worker is in a hazardous area.

Two-hand controls require operators to use both hands to initiate a machine’s operation, ensuring that both hands are away from the hazardous areas. This helps prevent accidental activation and ensures the operator maintains a safe distance from the dangerous parts.

Emergency stop buttons or switches are readily accessible controls that allow workers to quickly stop the machine in case of an emergency. These systems are designed to halt machine operation and prevent further harm to personnel or equipment. Safety solutions provider since 2011, We offer pilz safety relays PNOZ X, safety sensor PSENsgate, Emergency stop, PLC, Speed monitoring, swicthes and more

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