Safety solutions from PILZ

PT. Felcro Indonesia | Industrial Automation

Pilz manufactures a variety of safety sensors such as light curtains, safety switches, and safety mats that detect the presence of operators or objects in hazardous areas and trigger a safety response. Pilz offers programmable safety controllers that monitor safety functions and ensure safe operation of machinery and equipment. These controllers are often used to implement safety-related control functions such as emergency stop, guard monitoring, and safety interlocking.

Pilz offers a range of safety services including risk assessments, safety consulting, and training to help companies ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations. Pilz develops safety software tools for designing, configuring, and validating safety functions in automation systems. These tools help streamline the process of implementing safety solutions and ensure compliance with relevant safety standards.

    Pilz produces safety relays that provide a reliable switching mechanism for safety-critical applications. These relays are designed to quickly disconnect power in the event of a safety breach to prevent accidents. Pilz provides solutions for safely controlling motion in automated machinery, including safe speed monitoring, safe axis monitoring, and safe stop functions to prevent hazardous movements.

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