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The intelligence of the machine in the service of soil wellness also goes through Selet’s products. Our company offers efficient products for applications in the agricultural sector, which, over the last decades, has increasingly moved towards automation, distancing workers from the mere figure of a farmhand.

Agriculture is in constant evolution; if we think of it in its traditional vests, it seems quite of a contradiction to match it with the 4.0 idea. For this reason, the experts of the sector – employers, managers, engineers, agricultural workers, etc.- are studying and developing innovative approaches to improve crop yields resulting from the constant population growth and the difficulties caused by climate changes.

Solidity, robustness and high quality are the features that best describe our products that find their place in the agricultural field. Instruments capable of both handling uneven grounds, undergoing shocks and vibrations and being waterproof and rustproof.

Here are our proposals that best suit the agricultural applications:

  • Ultrasonic analogue sensors to control the height and the parallelism of the irrigation bars 
  • Capacitive sensors to manage seeds and check levels
  • Inductive sensors to detect the position of the irrigation bars, press baler, etc
  • Sturdy incremental encoders for heavy applications to keep the speed constant and increase the level of accuracy of the sowing 

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