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The best stober gearbox in Indonesia

You can assemble the automation system PSS 4000 individually to suit your own requirements. You can achieve this with control systems in various performance classes, a wide range of I/O modules as well as visualisation and engineering software. Select the controller and the I/O modules with the functions that you require. You’ll receive a system that offers you a host of possibilities: innovative control technology, simple programming with PAS4000 and web-based visualisation with PASvisu!

Are you looking for a safe and easy way to automate your plant or machinery? The PSS 4000 automation system is the optimum solution for smooth production – and that includes safety and automation! The PSS 4000 is already proven in numerous applications in a variety of industries.

You can program and configure all network subscribers centrally via the software platform PAS4000. The PASvisu visualisation software enables you to always keep an eye on the project. That makes handling your project really simple, however large it is! Now you can always respond swiftly and flexibly to individual customer requirements!

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