Slimline Design

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The slimline design is beneficial when space is critical in industrial plants. This feature suggests that the PSENopt slim can be easily integrated into systems where available space is limited. Designed for implementing finger protection applications, indicating its capability to detect and respond to small objects such as fingers. The integrated cascading function allows for simplified integration into plants. Cascading refers to the ability to connect multiple safety devices in series, often used to cover larger areas.

Offers additional functionalities beyond basic detection, including muting, blanking, and cascading. These features enhance the versatility of the safety light curtain in various applications. The PSENopt Advanced is described as versatile in its application, indicating that it can be adapted for use in different scenarios and industries. Muting is a feature that allows for the temporary suspension of the safety function to enable the safe passage of materials or objects through the protected zone without triggering an alarm or stopping the machinery.

Blank, or blanking, allows the user to define certain areas within the detection field where objects can be present without triggering the safety system. This can be useful in applications where certain areas need to be ignored. It’s important to note that the choice between these models would depend on the specific requirements of the application, the available space, and the desired functionalities. As with any safety equipment, proper installation, configuration, and adherence to safety standards are crucial for effective and safe operation. Always refer to the manufacturer’s documentation and follow relevant safety regulations when implementing safety solutions in industrial environments.

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