Software for PLC controllers and I/O systems

Mechanical safety locking device PSENmech - Pilz

The engineering software PAS4000 is used to program and configure the controllers PSSuniversal PLC and PSSuniversal multi. You can use PSSu Tools to configure the decentralised I/O systems PSSuniversal. PSS WIN-PRO supports you in designing and programming the PSS 3000 control systems; however, we are withdrawing these from our product range. PSS WIN-PRO and the PSS 3000 function blocks will continue to be available as software for as long as you are using the PSS 3000 control systems.

The software platform PAS4000 for the automation system PSS 4000 is the right tool for programming/configuring the controllers PSSuniversal PLC and PSSuniversal multi. The PSSu Tools serve as a configuration guide for the decentralised I/O systems PSSuniversal. The system tool PSS WIN-PRO provides a large selection of software function blocks to support you in the programming and design of your PSS 3000 control systems.

We offer appropriate software for each of our control solutions. Our software is easy and intuitive to use and provides a perfect overview of your application.

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