Special Purpose Machinery


The risk analysis from Pilz showed that appropriate protective measures needed to be taken on the assembly cell for the two intervention areas as well as the five maintenance flaps. As the required safety solution was to be flexible, modular and expandable for use on similar plants, the decision went in favour of the configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2. With its modular hardware platform and a wide range of expansion modules, it covers the safety and monitoring functions. The small controller is simple to operate via the PNOZmulti Configurator; the whole safety concept can easily be implemented on the PC. The intervention areas are secured by the coded, non-contact safety switch PSENcode and a pair of light curtains. The equally non-contact safety gate system PSENslock is used to monitor the safety gates. Hahn Automation can be flexible, also transferring this sophisticated safety solution to future assembly cells.

Before a new assembly cell for shock absorbers was due to go into operation at a well-known car manufacturer’s, the special-purpose machinery manufacturer HAHN Automation needed a sophisticated safety concept. As a long-time partner, Pilz used the risk assessment as a basis for developing a flexible solution to safeguard the assembly cell; a solution that could be transferred to other plants. http://www.pilz.com

HAHN Automation is an international company and part of the HAHN Group, employing around 800 staff in twelve locations worldwide. For the past 25 years Hahn Automation has been developing efficient solutions, particularly for the automation of assembly and testing processes. Target industries are the automotive, consumer goods and electronics industry, as well as medical technology.

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