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The STOBER drive system consisting of gear units, motors and drive controllers has a modular design and is freely scalable – for tailor-made, compact and powerful machine concepts. It can therefore be adapted to your individual requirements and combined as needed in nearly all industries and application areas. Since the 1980s, STOBER has specialized in the development of planetary gear units, the premier class of drive technology!. At the end of 2019, we presented the 3rd generation of planetary servo gear units, bringing drive solutions that are the most compact on the market for their performance range and enormous variety of combinations and options!.

STOBER planetary gear units score points above all for their exceptional performance, torsional backlash stability and ruggedness. Alongside that, the excellent housing and gearing quality ensures high acceleration torques and also the highest running accuracy and precision. What’s more, our planetary gear units have an impressively flexible interface technology. Not only can the gear units be combined with different STOBER motors via direct attachment, they can also be attached to all third-party motors in any size using variable adapters.

As another advantage, you can also select the right bearings for the application you need. With our enormous variety, we give you all the options in the design phase to put together exactly the right drive solution for any application. STOBER planetary gear units are ideal for machine tools and packaging machines as well as applications in automation and robotics.

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