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A capacitive level sensor is a proximity sensor that is used to detect liquid levels, interface between liquids such as oil and water, or liquid and solid interface. They operate on the principle of capacitance whereby in the simplest form of a level sensor, a capacitor is formed with the vessel containing the material to be sensed, the housing of the sensor and the electronics. The conductive vessel and sensor housing are the two electrodes of the capacitor. A change of level of the material within the vessel will cause a change in capacitance between the sensor and the vessel wall, this change is then detected by the electronics and processed to give a switching action or analogue output. The best capacitive level rechner sensors in Indonesia

The advanced level sensors have electronics that are able to sense minute changes in capacitance and therefore are very good for detecting small changes in level. High and low alarm settings on these sensors can detect overfill or empty of a vessel. This type of sensor will also have a diagnostic output to warn the user if there is a fault with the sensor or system.

A capacitive sensor acts like a simple capacitor. A metal plate of the sensor is one of the electrical conductors, the other conductor being the object to be sensed. The electric field between the two conductors affects the output signal. In the case of the capacitive proximity sensor, the second conductor is the object to be sensed. An increase in the dielectric constant of the material being sensed causes an increase in the sensor’s output. The closer the material is to the sensor, the greater the sensor’s output. Changes in the dielectric constant between different materials provide for the capacitive sensor’s ability to detect many different material types. This is an advantage over the other proximity sensor technologies.

Capacitive proximity sensors are used for non-contact detection of non-metal solids or liquids. There are three different proximity sensor technologies. Each of them satisfies the requirements for the detection of metal and non-metal objects. The best capacitive level rechner sensors in Indonesia

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